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Description of WWE Tap Mania

Unleash your ultimate team of Superstars in WWE’s new, fast-paced game, WWE Tap Mania!

In WWE Tap Mania, the action never stops. Become a WWE Superstar and battle alongside WWE’s greatest Superstars and Legends. Collect Superstar cards, build your deck, and rise up to become the WWE Champion. Get in the ring and unleash the mania!

- NON-STOP ACTION as you battle the best, build your team, and take on the world
- CREATE the ultimate team from WWE’s greatest roster of all time
- EASY TO PLAY -- tap to attack and unleash devastating signature moves
- STRATEGIC GAMEPLAY -- tap into the rich history of the WWE to make an unstoppable team with the unique type and affinity systems
- LEVEL UP to increase your power and unlock each character’s unique skills
- PLAY-BY-PLAY by the WWE’s Michael Cole and Corey Graves

- TONS OF MATCHES -- battle in the main event against WWE’s greatest Superstars
- COLLECT WWE Superstars and Legends for free as you play
- FEATURING The Rock, John Cena, Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, Triple H, Roman Reigns, AJ Styles, Charlotte, The Miz, Randy Orton, Sasha Banks, Dean Ambrose, Eddie Guerrero, Ultimate Warrior, and many more!
- EARN WHILE AWAY -- your team never stops fighting so you’re always earning, even when the game is closed
-DOMINATE IN LIVE WWE EVENTS -- rule the leaderboards in daily live events based on WWE’s signature live television and PPV events: RAW, Smackdown Live, Royal Rumble, SummerSlam, WrestleMania and more

- PERSONALIZE your character by creating your own signature move and play style
- CUSTOMIZE your Superstars' powers and abilities with perk points
- COMPLETE challenges, objectives, and achievements for epic rewards
- COMPETE WITH FRIENDS to prove who’s the best

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Version history Tap Mania
New in Tap Mania 17777.22.0
WWE Tap Mania steps into ring with an all new update, choke-slamming bugs and improving performance for your entertainment!
- Rivals Update: Doubled Rivals Duration, Challenge Rivals for to a total of 6 days now
- Power Update: Power is now calculated as damage per second including expected crit. damage plus signature move damage per second. Health and signature move effects not included
New in Tap Mania 17695.21.0
New Boss Rush Feature!
- Fight only main event bosses for a short period of time and find your next challenge faster
- Unlock boss rush each time you prestige or get lucky and find them in briefcases
New in Tap Mania 17637.20.0
Bug fixes and refinements
New in Tap Mania 17482.19.0
Play through NEW Circuits and earn SWEET rewards- Existing players start in the Circuit based off the highest Stage reached- Keep all of your Superstars - even if they are not in your current circuit- Customize with Global Perks- We've removed the Prestige Bonus so you can focus on upgrading Superstars- Get EVEN MORE Perk Points when you prestige!- Many Perks apply ALL THE TIME- Existing players: You won't miss out - Your existing Prestige Multiplier is now a one-time Perk Point bonanza
New in Tap Mania 16719.18.0
New Rivals Feature: An all new way to collect you Favorite Superstars!- Complete new Rivals missions to earn Character Shards- Each mission you complete earns you Shards for the current Rival- Collect enough Shards and earn the Rival Superstar for your Roster- New Rivals appear every 3 days
New in Tap Mania 16495
Survival Mode: Just in time for Survivor Series!- Look out for special Survival events and Survive for as long as you can to earn rewards- No Auto-heal: whenever a teammate is stunned they will be eliminated- Play until all of your cards have been eliminated- The longer you last, the greater your rewards- Prestige to reset your roster and start another Survival run to earn better rewards
New in Tap Mania 15411
Zombies are invading Tap Mania! Throughout the month of October, look out for special events to battle Zombie versions of some of your favorite WWE Superstars!Then collect Zombie Superstars to add to your collection!These new Zombie Superstars are powered from the grave and pack a hell of a punch!Now they deal more damage, and also decrease Level Up costs and increase the power of ALL of your other Zombies.Jump in the ring now and kick-off your own Zombie apocalypse today!
New in Tap Mania 15077
Thanks for playing WWE Tap Mania. This release fixes an isolated issue some users have reported regarding lost save games.
New in Tap Mania 15000
Thanks for playing WWE Tap Mania. This release fixes an isolated issue some users have reported regarding lost save games. If you have experienced this, please contact SEGA Customer Support via the Contact Us link in the in-game options.
New in Tap Mania 1.3
- Upcoming SummerSlam Pack and Event!- Added Challengers to Stages 500 to 2000, including rare Superstars and Legends!- Added Random Encounters with Superstars and Legends that drop shards as rewards!- Performance Improvements- Bug fixes
New in Tap Mania 1.1
Bug fixes and performance improvements
New in Tap Mania 1.0
Bug fixes and performance improvements
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